We engaged Mike to record, mix and master samples for our “Pi-Phase mk2” guitar effects pedal and could not be happier with the results. Mike worked with us in a friendly, but also efficient manner and his creativity and capability helped us capture the best sound for our product from a range of audio sources – guitar, bass, keyboards and electronic instruments. The final mixing and mastering provided us with world-class samples that have been a fundamental part of our sales and marketing campaign. The promoted product is now distributed through Australia, the USA, Canada, Japan and the UK and our customers often comment that the recorded samples were an important factor in their decision to buy.

We will be using Mic Nix Productions again in future for all of our future product sample recording sessions.

Mike Both
Founder & Tech-Guy
Prophecy Sound Systems Pty Ltd
Adelaide, Australia

Mike was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend his services. After mixing several EPs on my own, I contacted Mike to mix and master my first full-length album, to take my sound up a level. I needed a real pro to achieve the clarity, balance, and energy I was looking for, and Mike delivered. This was a very personal project for me as I had been assembling the album on the side over several years, and as a solo artist I’m accustomed to making every decision, but Mike quickly put me at ease with his excellent communication, consistent progress, and genuine friendliness. His goal is truly to understand and achieve the goals of his client. My songs span many different genres and styles, and not only did Mike excel at each, he was sincerely invested in my creative vision. He remained patient through many requests for revisions, most of which were for very minor details, switched up his workflow to better suit my availability, and met my target deadline. Again I would seriously recommend Mike Nikou: diligent, responsive, and a highly skilled mix engineer.

Jared Elder
Vision Flight
Brooklyn, NYC

I can’t speak highly enough about Mike! He takes time to make sure you get the sounds you want and has done a great job on engineering my recent song. He’s professional and strives to make sure the client gets what they want. I’m just about to start another project with him and I’m really looking forward to it. He’s also a great guitarist!

John Sutherland

Absolutely loved working with Mike – he turned the track into something else and breathed new life into it! Fast, efficient, and amazing!

Jeffrey Chan
Sydney, NSW

The man is an excellent musician in all phases of the music business, thanks so much Mike can’t wait to work with you again.

Craig Rice
Missouri, USA

WOW this came out amazing! this was such a great addition to my track! your playing is amazing let alone what you came up with was so brilliant! thank you so much and i can’t wait to hit you up for another! thank you and peace & love!!!

DJ Maxx

WOW | Outstanding | Professional | Responsive | Great Value If you want mixing and mastering then Mike is your man. Full stop. Worked together lots over last few months and produced three top songs that will be big hits. WOW again!

Kevan O

Mike could not have been more helpful. He went out of his way to find exactly what I was looking for and delivered exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!!! Will definitely be using him again

Tanya O’Kane
Enshrine Coaching

I was looking for a Voice over expert to handle quite a large job encompassing 38 recordings of between 15 to 30 mins each which was going to take what ended up being the best part of 3 months constant work. 

I liked Michael from the get go, for not only did he have the type of voice which suited my needs, but he was a pleasure to deal with.

I was needing a dedicated professional with experience, patience and maturity together with a warm, strong, and clear voice and Michael not only fitted all these characteristics, but went far beyond what was asked to deliver more than I could have asked for and making excellent suggestions throughout which I was able to implement.  Michael also showed exceptional focus and maintained excellent communication throughout the duration even under quite a lot of pressure Michael remained calm.

Through the whole experience, Michael’s patience and professionalism never wavered and I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a gifted Voice recording artist.

Sam Abraham
Managing Director

Transformations Coaching Group