About The Owner

Michael’s philosophy on client satisfaction is based on honesty, integrity and effective communication.  With a systematic and highly organised approach, his attention to detail is meticulous and gives clients the peace of mind in knowing that all facets of their valuable project are attended to with the greatest of care and artistic endeavour at all times.  Michael is relaxed and personable, clients regularly comment on the immediate feeling of calm surrounding their project.   Essentially, the core of Michael’s business is people and helping them achieve their goals with their chosen project or musical venture.

Michael’s significant experience in the property sector has allowed him to develop the necessary business and customer service skill set required to be at the forefront of the industry. It is this experience that ultimately provides the framework by which Mic Nix Productions is able to offer a premium professional service.

In the highly subjective and constantly evolving world that encompasses the music and audio industry, it is crucial to be adaptable and innovative.  Michael firmly believes in staying at the forefront of modern technology, utilizing the myriad of available tools while at the same time incorporating elements of traditional analogue equipment and sensibilities.  Michael’s years of experience as an accomplished guitarist, songwriter and performer gives Mic Nix Productions the competitive edge in offering balanced, artistic and ultimately competitive musical productions.

An investment in professional mixing/mastering/production services is an investment in your creativity.  Professional artists acknowledge the need for creative clarity and time to focus on the most important component, which is creating music.  The benefit you receive by investing in a professional service is the freedom and invaluable time to simply create music.  Contact Michael today for a confidential chat on your project and requirements.