There’s no question that staying motivated and inspired to write fresh, quality material is not an easy task.  Rarely can inspiration be plucked from the nethersphere, however here are a few points which will provide a manageable and systemized approach to not only keep you inspired, but ultimately productive:



Some songwriters strictly disconnect themselves from all musical influences when writing.  Others virtually rely on their influences in order to create.  I suggest keeping an open mind and utilize the best of both worlds.  For example, when listening to music that makes you feel inspired, take the time to consider why it makes you feel that way.  Use that feeling to try and channel the source and recreate the inspired feeling in your own writing.



Working autonomously can be rewarding and gives you 100% creative control.  Working and collaborating with others will expand your horizons and stretch your capabilities.  Collaborating can break new ground, so get out there and mix with other musicians, performers, songwriters.  Be open to the idea of collaborating and you will reap the rewards in the long term.  You will also increase your exposure.


  1. LIFE

There are those that appear to live in a bubble, completely disconnected from society and somehow release a body of work from this isolation.  In most cases, it is life experience that has lead this artist to that point in their songwriting career.  So, get out there and live your life.  It is those experiences, relationships, associations, events, failures and achievements that will provide you with an endless supply of inspiration.  Your life experience is 100% unique to yourself, therefore any inspiration drawn from this is also yours.



Some of the most famous songs were born from unique travel experiences.  Take the time to visit new places, new cultures and different ways of living.  It doesn’t need to be an expensive vacation, it might even be a 3 day camping trip to the middle of nowhere.  Take your writing pad and pencil…and a musical instrument that doesn’t require electricity!



Tired and bored of the same sounds that you keep producing?  Create some new ones!  That doesn’t mean scrolling through the presets in your soft synth library and tweaking the resonance.  Take a half decent microphone outdoors and record some sounds.  Think of it this way, if you recorded one short (3 second) sample, 5 days per week, for a year; you would have a library of 260 proprietary sounds!  Or if your budget permits, go shopping and buy a new piece of equipment or new musical instrument!  Heck, maybe even get some lessons on an instrument you’ve never played before!


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